Our history


“I clearly remember that in 1945, coming back from school, I used to stop by the Cesare Masè Meats Company, to watch the Masè workers...till one day they asked me if I wanted to join them. I was only 14, and from that time, I never stopped working.”


During his years as a worker, Giorgio learned how to produce cooked ham, wurstel and cooked pork shoulders, but he knew that something in the production process could be improved. The meat was too hard and its quality could be higher. He realised that the massaging phase was fundamental for the softness of the meat and for the quality of the final product. For this reason he decided to try with a new type of artisanal tambler, invented by him, with some obstacles inside it, which massaged the meat during the tambling. He was right and the result was excellent. That first tambler is still conserved and exhibited in to the company plant.


" In 1967 we decided to follow this dream, to provide for the future of our family. We had no money, but a lot of motivation."


In 1967, Giorgio and Luciana decided to start their own business. They passed through a lot of difficulties but in 1968 they were operative. After the first year, the business improved and they increased the production, always with quality and efficiency at the first place. In 1981 they decided to buy a new terrain, situated in the suburbs of the city, were they built up the current legal headquarter. Eleven years later, Giorgio bought a portion of land close to the headquarter and enlarged the production plant to a total of 5000 square metre. During the construction he conceived every space and every detail, and he is still very proud of this plant.


“ This is really a beautiful factory plant and it was really well conceived.”


In 1999 Sfreddo was given ISO 9001/2008 quality system management certification by DNV. Nowadays, Sfreddo is also particularly careful about food allergies. In addition to its traditional “Cotti all'italiana” ( Italian Cooked Hams ), Salumificio Sfreddo makes a range of products marked with the “crossed wheat ear” gluten-free icon guaranteed by the AIC ( Italian Celiac Association ) plus STP product certification for its smoked specialities which are also free of allergens such as added monosodium glutamate, caseinate, lactose or milk by- products. This approach meets the demands of both the domestic and international markets, which are interested in a wide range of food products that satisfy the most diverse, discerning tastes.


At the end of 2008, Giorgio retired and let his grandsons, Luca and Andrea, to take the control of the company. The two introduced innovative strategies and deployed new technologies to boost the firm's growth. This continuous, intense commitment led to new products that responded to the demands of a market increasingly aware of quality and excellence. This modern, hi-tech firm operates from a 5000 square metre production unit which combines technology with the kind of artisanal care that only the expertise of a high-skilled staff can guarantee. Salumificio Sfreddo's wide product range includes cooked hams, smoked products, frankfurters, salamis, pre-sliced products in tray packaging, and products characteristic of the area around Trieste.

Our Values


“Nowadays things are changed, market dynamics are different, but we still work with the same attitude and the same humility, our work ethic allow us to achieve great results.” (Giorgio Sfreddo)



Our Vision

Meal time is universally recognized as a sacred moment of calm and sharing. Salumificio Sfreddo would contribute to this important daily experience, making it unique and satisfying. Sfreddo family learned from local tradition about the importance of giving themselves a little break during the day, enjoying some slice of cooked ham with mustard and horseradish. This simple custom always enhance everyone's day !! For us, to contribute with our products to your happiness and pleasure, is source of pride and satisfaction.



Our Mission

Salumificio Sfreddo aims to bring in every house our quality products, which are the result of a certified production chain. Our product lines follow our local tradition which is part of the Mitteleurope history. Our family has its roots in such multicultural environment and we want to share with you our experience and our way of life.  Preserve this knowledge is an important goal for us, because history and culture live also in our meals and in our recipes. Ancient flavours and artisan wisdom, together with a competent know-how and the best production technologies allow us to give a unique moment of sharing and satisfaction to everyone who choose a Sfreddo product.



Our Store

On March 16th, 2016 we inaugurated our first official Store!

Here, you have the chance to choose between our wide choice of brand products, but not only...

We accurately selected some of the best traditional products of our regional area, in order to give you the best shop experience!

Come to visit us in Via Battisti, 1....We are waiting for you!!


Moreover, you can shop our products online at www.mercatometropolitano.it



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Salumificio Sfreddo LTD

Via Giarizzole 37 - 34147, Trieste (TS)
Office tel: +39 040817357
Shop contact: +39 040764465
Mail address: [email protected]
VAT number: 00298770322


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